How to install high CPC cookies in firefox to increase Google Adsense earning

What are high CPC cookies? What is a Cookie?
A Cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing.
If your a Adssense publisher and you in a click exchange program then deferentially you have to install cookies in your browser for seeing high cpc ads.If ads are high cpc then your CPC will high then your revenue will also high.
I am sharing cookies, which have a collection of high cpc ads,like – Veeam, Synopsys, Infragistics, Alibaba, Mcafee, Decisions, Milestons and many more ads.
How to Install cookies in Mozzila Firefox for High CPC Ads
You should have Mozilla Firefox Version 56.0b2 (Its Compulsory) cookies will work on this version of Mozzila  Firfox

Download Cookies from here
Use this password at download page: liftmeworld
[download id=”3960″]

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Extract them with Winrar & You will get 5 files.

Step 1. Open Firefox
Step 2. Go to Setting and Turn of Atomatic Update .
Step 3. Now Go to Add-ons > Click on “Settings” Wheel.
Step 4. Click on “”Install Add-on from File”” and choose “cookies_exportimport-1.0-fx.xpi” file from Cookies Files folder.Now You will see a Message like this.Click on “Add” .
Step 5. Now Press “Alt” button for Menu Bar of Mozilla firefox.(If Menu Bar is Not Showing).
Step 6. Now Click on “Tools” > then click “Import Cookies” Now select all file (Cookies-1,Cookies-2,Cookies13,Adsense Earning)one by one.After Installing each cookie file,You will see a message like this.Click OK .
Now Cookies has been Installed Successully on your browser.Now Restart Your Computer,After restarting,Open Mozilla and Visit any Site,Now you will see different ads from before.

Before Clicking ads,check CPC of any Keyword or Ad in
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