How to drive traffic to your website using Reddit R/pan timeless website traffic tricks – Trick#5

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As a marketer you need to be on top of the latest trends. That is the
situation at hand. The time to be a marketer has never been better.
There was a launch just last week that did over $18 million dollars in a
few days. Those types of scenarios used to be an Enigma but now they
are becoming more and more common place. It is such an awesome
time to be a marketer right now as there is so many options and

How to drive traffic to your website using Reddit R/pan

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With this new opportunity that we have in the greater marketing
landscape, we are also faced with the fact that we have more
competition. The game is bigger in terms of money and traffic, but it
also is moving faster with more and more players involved. THAT is why
it is so important to be on the cutting edge. That should be one of the
reasons you are reading this today.
At this point in time the marketplace is moving and shaking. Apps /
strategies are coming and going at a faster rate. Yes, there are still
powerhouse platforms such as Facebook and YouTube yet the
excitement, and the opportunity to have an “untainted” field in which
to work are becoming harder and harder to find. You want to be there
when there is exponential growth and opportunity. Not when everyone
has heard of it a million times over. That is one of the reasons we are so
excited to bring this to you in that you get to be a part of something in
its infancy. At its most PURE form. That is extremely rare. You should be
excited at this premise.
When these few and far between platforms become available the hype
around it can be nuts.
This is the most hype that we have seen in a while.
Your goal is to get in front of people when the fire is hot. Right now my
friend the fire is roaring.
People tell us they want EASY strategies. KISS (Keep it simple stupid).
Get us the most bang for our buck and make it so that we can do it with
ease. This fits the mold. With no tech experience needed all you need is
the desire to succeed.
This platform is so hot that literally some people are getting a hundred
thousand live viewers with basically doing nothing at all.
At the same time the VAST majority of people that are using this have
no idea the power that is front of them. It reminds us of years ago
when people had Facebook Pages with hundreds of thousands of users
and they would sell it for basically nothing because they didn’t know
how to monetize it.
This has that same feeling.
Like we stated on the sales page this is still in beta which means there is
SOOO much room to grow. As this platform grows it will be available
more and more to the point that these results can be daily and
potentially 24 / 7.
What we are talking about today is using the power of R/Pan.
You may have heard of Reddit before, but this is something completely
different. In essence this is a brand-new platform under the umbrella of
Think of it as a Facebook Live / YouTube / Discussion board and so
much more but with a torrent of traffic, ease of use, with people that
are ecstatic to watch.
If you happen to be someone that is not familiar with Reddit know that
it is the number 6 site for traffic in the U.S.A although it is all over the
The only sites that are above it are Google, YouTube, Amazon,
Facebook, and Yahoo. Ever heard of any of those sites?
So, to say that the traffic is insane is an understatement. Here is the
thing. You have been bombarded year after year with people talking
about and making courses on Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook
and no one denies that there is crazy traffic. Yet… people in the
community don’t talk about Reddit. That is just dumb. You are missing
out on a ridiculous amount of traffic. Marketers certainly have not been
talking about R/Pan because it literally just came out a few weeks ago.
It doesn’t get any fresher than this!
Effectively at this point R/ Pan is a way for you to make free live
broadcasts from anywhere in the world to the Reddit community. Again
the “community” is huge with billions of views every month from
millions upon millions of people. Another wonderful thing about it is
that you don’t have any other marketers in there like you do in the
other platforms. The only other people that you would be up against
are those that bought this course, and the small percentage of people
that take action. Comparatively speaking that is a drop in the bucket
when we are talking about the amount of views that are currently up
for grabs.
What we love about this platform is that at this point in time the scales
are weighted so heavily in your favor. People are so excited to see this
content yet there are so few producers.
Here is the thing. Reddit is really pushing this platform. While it is in
Beta it allows this new option to be open weekly with the goal of being
When it opens up every week Reddit is promoting this big time. In
other words, for the millions of people that are scrolling through Reddit
they are seeing “R/Pan” on their main feed. They can’t help but see it.
They are then brought into this world of the Reddit Public Access
Reddit wants this to succeed in a big way and has put a lot of time,
money, and resources behind it. So far, the results have been amazing.
If you have not yet you need to download the Reddit mobile app from
either the Apple or Android app store. It is free to download.
Late last month Reddit started letting RPAN broadcast every Thursday.
Since this is in Beta things are changing rapidly. Right now, the
broadcast times are 10 am – 5pm pacific standard time. Very soon this
time frame is going to be longer from 1 am to 5 pm pacific and then it
will be built out from there to be daily.
When they currently turn it on every Thursday (Again the time frame
and days of viewing are being built out as we speak as this is so crazy
new) the community goes nuts over it from some of the early results
we showed you on the sales page. Since we are launching this Thursday
for those that buy on that day you will see it in action. If you are buying
this on a day after Thursday, you will see it / use it the following
Thursday. So, it is important for you to not say “where is the camera
button?” on a day that is currently not Thursday. Very shortly it will be
more days.
If you do not have an account yet on make sure to sign up.
It is important to remember the following.
1. You MUST Download the Reddit Mobile App (from your iOS or
Android App Store) to broadcast live on r/Pan.
2. In the REDDIT MOBILE APP on your phone go to r/pan or in your
MOBILE browser go to and it will bring
up your installed Reddit app on your phone. You can access
r/pan on your desktop, but you cannot broadcast from the
desktop. It is only from mobile currently.
3. On Thursdays (While in BETA) you will see the r/pan live stream
and will be able to broadcast live and get views. Currently any
other day you will see “just” the discussion sub-reddit.
Currently on Wednesdays if you are a subscriber to
They will give a big notification that it is going live the following day.
As stated, it currently runs weekly on Thursdays, but they give you the
big hyped notification. There are already 656 “ups” within 2 hours of
the post clearly showing how excited people are for the weekly R/pan.
When R/Pan goes live you will see it on the main Reddit feed. You can
scroll down and see it.
You will see the main feed with someone streaming live which you can
then click on the movie icon within your app OR by going directly to
For example, this person live streaming their band class.
In the upper right-hand corner, you have the camera icon with a plus.
Even though that is their stream you can click / tap with your finger on
the icon to make your own stream.
By clicking this you can stream yourself.
What is so fun and interesting about this platform are that people are
streaming about everything.
So, for example if you saw the stream of someone showing their
bathtub. (Over 11,000 LIVE viewers btw on this one). I hope you
understand just how nuts the potential is for live viewers.
Click on the camera icon in the upper right-hand corner.
Reddit will ask you if it can use your camera in the app.
By the time I clicked the button there were over 6,000 more people
watching a freaking soap bottle!
It then asks if it can use your microphone.
Now up to 26,000 Live viewers!
Put in your title and start broadcasting.
I literally put “Say Hello” on this one. You can put whatever you want. It
is so wide open that people are interacting with EVERYTHING because
there are millions of people on the platform yet so few people that will
take 2 seconds to share a live.
You start the broadcast and you are on air.
You can see the chat, reverse your camera, close it out when you are
done. It is super simple.
That is what we love. We love simple and powerful. This tool lets you
get in front of millions of people with literally the touch of your
Jeremy goes on there and people are just asking all kinds of things and
interacting like nothing we have ever seen before. They don’t know him
from anything! Yet in an instant he has person after person live, just
like that!
We are at the initial stages which is so crazy about this. The views are
there in an insane way, there is no denying that. The question is what
are you going to do with it? Are you prepared to be with something at
the forefront and build a massive audience before others do? Or are
you going to let this brand-new information slip?
Let’s say you were in the weight loss niche. You could easily say “Ask
me about how I lost 50 pounds”. People would be so captivated and ask
you all kinds of questions. This is a perfect target market. Obviously not
every person of the millions out there are interested in weight loss, but
thousands are. You get to pluck those people out of the ether. They are
sucked into your LIVE. You give them lots of value related to your topic
and certainly let them know about your YouTube channel or wherever
it is you want to push them. Maybe you would like to create a Reddit
page and push them toward that. It is up to you. The point is the people
are in front of you. It is like you are at a rock concert and you can just
put up your hand with a megaphone in front of 20,000 people and say
whatever you want.
Currently there is a time limit of one hour of talk time. Some don’ts on
the platform. Don’t have not safe for work content. Don’t do something
dumb like showing nudity. This should go without saying but it needs to
be stated. Reddit is an upstanding community so use common sense.
Nothing illegal on here.
You should also not be marketing without giving any value. In other
words, don’t spam. Don’t just get 10,000 people live and say here is my
affiliate link, here is my affiliate link. You are there to get attention and
let them know what you are all about with legitimate content.
So far, some people are starting to get the right idea. Know that you
don’t have to sell anything on here. For example, this person is just
strumming his guitar and has almost 200,000 people watching him live.
The bed isn’t made in the background lol. He decided to put a little
print out of his Venmo account (Venmo is similar to PayPal). So, people
can send him tips. I guarantee with 200,000 live he had some tips
coming. This was all without selling anything.
A lot of people aren’t even getting on camera. Many people simply
point their mobile phone and start recording their computer screen.
This one had over 50,000 people live watching a screen saver of stars.
I’ve seen others put it to a music channel to stream music.
This guy literally sits there and pets his dog and doesn’t say a word like
a sociopath, yet people watch in droves.
You name it people are doing it.
You don’t really have to be innovative at all. I’ve seen people record
themselves going for a walk.
This was an interesting strategy. Guy was showing his computer screen
and said for every 100 likes you will see a new picture of Shrek. This
was early on, but it ended up getting CRAZY views.
Notice on the left side of the screen he had a code to send Bitcoin
donations. People are definitely monetizing this. There is the overt way
(Without even mentioning it) of simply entertaining people with a call
to action to tip like you saw with the Venmo or Bitcoin.
There are also saying “learn more about me at my website”, or
YouTube, Instagram or whatever. The point being you get 50,000
people watching you live for example and push them where you do
your REAL monetizing. Think of this for what it is. It is traffic. Let them
know you and or your message and push them where you want them
to go. Now you may not get 100,000 live people on your specific
stream. You may get 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10,000,100,000 or anywhere in
between. The thing is the traffic is there and you have the opportunity
to go get it. There isn’t another source that we are seeing that without
a list, without a following, without being “known” that you can trap into
live traffic like this instantly. This is a first.
There is nothing this free and powerful currently. Maybe in a couple of
months there will be something else, but this is the real hotness right
Again, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist here to get potentially
crazy views. This guy literally is holding down the zero key on his
computer and 3 minutes in has over 3,000 live viewers.
I mean really? You telling me you are not capable of doing that?
I’m not saying that you should hold down a zero key on your computer,
but the point is you can do just about anything. People simply are
enamored with this new platform is the point we want to stress here.
You may do something like “self-employed” or “I work from home ask
me anything”
This guy gets it below. He didn’t necessarily verbalize how to see more
of him. He just literally put a post it note with his info on his computer.
I really like the option of saying IF you give feedback like “ups” then
something happens. Often this makes your stream go viral and Reddit
gives it more love by showing your stream sooner. The more love it gets
the more views you get. It is a cycle that helps it blow up quick.
There are so many opportunities that I hope you are chomping at the
This premise takes a solid platform that gets billions of views with a
brand-new twist letting you live stream. You stream what you want and
push people to what you want.
The mechanics are so dead simple to get going yet the power is unreal.
This makes “Free New Traffic” an awesome way for you to get exactly
what it says Free, New, Traffic.
We wanted to get you into this while it is at its earliest stages. The
faster we can get it to you the more you are ahead of the curve. It is
important for you to be ahead of other marketers to see success. Enjoy
this Beta platform as it moves to extended hours in the near future to
extended days. Be there and grow with it. Enjoy it!
If you have not yet checked out the upgrades or are considering them
now, please go to the below two links.