Kurulus Osman episode 1 Urdu subtitles full HD – Usman Ghazi darama episode 1 Urdu zuban

Kurulus Osman EPISODE 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman episode 3 With URDU Subtitle

Kurulus Osman episode 3 With English Subtitle

Its a Episode first of Kurulus Osman Season 1 or season 6 with Urdu Subtitles. Allah is the best! Allah is the one! Allah is the best! Allah is the one! Iron is beat o It is a present for my Aybars’ wedding, Bamsi Bey. It’ll be done until tomorrow evening. I generally stay faithful to my obligations. Those years… My Osman and Aybars grew up, they became siblings.

Kurulus Osman EPISODE 1 with Urdu Subtitles
Kurulus Osman EPISODE 1 with Urdu Subtitles

We are going on a similar way that you and my dad Ertugrul Bey drove us to, Bamsi Bey. Because of my Rab, I am seeing nowadays… MashaAllah to my valiant. Do you figure our Ertugrul Bey will return from Konya with uplifting news? Will the Sultan acknowledge his offer? We flared this current broiler’s fire up in Malazgirt with our precursor Alparslan, my Bamsi Bey. We generally remained against the heathens. We battled consistently to consider these grounds our “country” Now we will transform this blossom into a sycamore. rave Alps, and magnificent Hatuns will flare the fire up of another state, under that sycamore. We will transform the adversaries into a shes with that fire. Regardless of what news originates from Konya… I will never let my dad’s banner down on the ground. May my Rab witness, I, and my kids, will battle to take this favored banner to wherever around the globe. MashAllah to my valiant, I can bite the dust calmly as I heard these words. Evidently, our Ertugrul Bey’s broiler is as of now erupted.

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My dad Suleyman §ah had the equivalent. Take a gander at that infection, while I as of now have my Ertugrul Bey’s weight on my shoulders, Hatun. Intense stones have tidies on it. You are Dundar Bey. EvelAllah you can succeed everything. Everybody looks, my sibling Ertugrul Bey sees it. We are presently gathering the seeds which were planted 25 years back. This understanding will bring harmony, Hatun. Try not to belittle yourself Diindar Bey. Street isn’t taken with travelers however partners. What might occur on the off chance that you acted the equivalent with Gundogdu and Sungurtekin Bey? You gave your shoulders, so Ertugrul Bey assembled a request. Everybody may have quality. In any case, you are the one in particular who has quality and ability.

Kurulus Osman episode 1 Urdu subtitles full HD - Usman Ghazi darama episode 1 Urdu zuban
Kurulus Osman episode 1 Urdu subtitles full HD – Usman Ghazi darama episode 1 Urdu zuban

You are discussing harmony, however winds are near, that fear harmony. You must be mindful. Secret key for this Episode is Bismillah. May Allah witness, I will consume those snakes alive. I made a guarantee to my sibling Ertugrul Bey, I will have this done. We should not keep the Tekfur pausing. I needed to get your agree before heading off to the manor, father. Child… Your dad consistently petitions God for you. ut you shouldn’t confide in unbelievers. Be careful. Okay? Try not to stress, father. I am the child of Bamsi Alpba§i. Foes realize that they would endure. EyvAllah child, eyvAllah. ut… realize that dauntlessness isn’t a shield to the stunts. You must be on alert. You need to detect the appearance of viles. Who can detect it, father? ey can, my child.

See, it’s a word from Oguz predecessor, If an awful thing happens to Oguz (Turks), this is on the grounds that he/she was dozing. Valiants who don’t rest sense it, child. Some of them rest while they stand, yet Beys who are on alert while dozing can detect it, child. I surmise you missed, Ertugrul Gazi, father? My Ertugrul Bey., no child. Eyes miss the ones what they can’t see. Child, I see my Ertugrul Bey in Osman. Each look of him, each conduct, he helps me to remember him. Some of them see it, some don’t. I trust you’ll be the ones who see. Look child, this is definitely not a dad’s exhort, it’s a predecessor’s recommendation. You’ll be with Osman, as I was with our Ertugrul Bey constantly. Ay§e Hatun, would it be advisable for us to take some Turkmen floor coverings? I realized that you’d need them, my Gunduz Bey. I set them up. EyvAllah Hatun.

Clearly Ha me Ana raised ou. How about we do it. Roughage mashAllah. MashAllah. Burgin.. Aybars. Do you truly need to go? Ne have a henna night, we’ll make arrangements. As you probably are aware, obligations are the most significant things for Alps. I can’t disregard Osman Bey, my Burgin. Petition God for us to return quick. InshaAllah. May Allah be with you, Aybars. You will have the henna of our wedding in your delicate hands today around evening time. You should see my henna dress which was made by Aygul, it’s so wonderful.. You should see yourself from my eyes, you are so lovely.. Go, they are sitting tight for you. urgin. May Allah be with you. May Allah be with you as well, my Aybars. O, Kayi’s Alps! You resemble blades attached to the rope! You have respectability on your looking, and fire in your spirit. MashAllah. EyvAllah my Bey! What are these, child? Blades that will be skilled to the Tekfur, father. You come to minds when somebody discusses blades. Check if our companion Tekfur Yorgopolos will like it. Ne are gifting the blades, which we should take into our hands and attack his mansion with. Is there any good reason why he wouldn’t be glad, Diindar Bey? Diindar Bey… I figure I should accompany you, as no what other place resembles Kayi for us. What do you say A man should remain during the tents, Bamsi Bey. Remain here, finish the arrangements, and secure the tents. EyvAllah Diindar Bey. We are setting off. May Allah be with you inshaAllah. Harmony and exchanges understanding are much the same as we needed, Tekfur Yorgopolos. In any case… remuneration for kerwan assaults can’t be acknowledged. Try not to stress Kalanos. No force can make me sign it. Ertugrul Bey planted the seeds of this understanding, yet his sibling Diindar needs to be the individual who does it.

Off kilter he does. He needs to demonstrate his solidarity to everybody. With God’s assent, we’ll be the ones who are ground-breaking. This is an appeal which will ensure my dazzling spouse. For whatever length of time that you are close by, nobody can hurt me. I am a fortunate man. Ne ought to be wary, to be safe. Stars stressed me the previous evening. You may reveal to me that I was stressing for little more than still… Try not to stress over me Sofia. An extraordinary warrior Commander Kalanos is securing me. Kayis are coming, sir. Tekfur Hazretlen! Welcome Diindar Bey. Much obliged, Tekfur Yorgopolos. Princess Sofia. Kayi’s fearless ladies, welcome. You respected our mansion.

That respect is our own, princess. I wish Ertugrul Bey was with us. We owe this euphoria to him. Our play is going to begin! Ertugrul! On the off chance that you need me, Tekfur, here I am. I am not terrified of you, and you are not scared of me. How about we finish this. Enough! I need this war to end! Secret phrase for this Episode is Bismillah. I need trust between us. I need my people to live in harmony! Long live! Long live! We needed to battle until the last drop of our blood, presently it’s the ideal opportunity for harmony. At that point we’ll make harmony with my sibling Diindar. We’ll commend this concurrence with a banquet when I return from Konya. Tekfur Yorgopolos, you are a good man. You are astute. With regards to Ertugrul Bey… With regards to Ertugrul Bey… Bitinya thinks about his courage. He takes care of the eager ones… He spares the indebted individuals. He couldn’t care less if it’s muslim or not, he ensures. Ertugrul Gazi and his kids’ companionship is bold, however their antagonistic vibe is despot. Ensure the Tekfur! Line! It is double-crossing! Your manor, your troopers! How might you let this occur?! Whose pooch right? Who right? Talk! Stop! End him! ueiuso Evil is wherever sibling. Is everybody okay? Because of you, Osman. On the off chance that we don’t realize who is behind these jackals, resting will be haram (illegal) to us. Regardless of whether it’s not today, they will shoot their objective one day.

Do you know how I continued being ground-breaking in this unpleasant fringe, called Bitinia, Husamettin Efendi? I generally smell. Goodness and disagreeableness have smells. You can be fortunate or unfortunate. You should have a smell. Presently… let me know. Kayis went to the mansion, Ali§er Bey. Obviously, they will concur with the Tekfur. Do you think Tekfur will acknowledge the conditions? They set off with blessings. Also, Rums are getting ready for a dining experience. I am the pencil and the paper here! Without me, that understanding won’t mean anything. It will diminish the estimation of the new bazaar. On the off chance that they concur, Sogut’s bazaar will be progressively important. Clearly, balances are getting extreme. ut they overlooked something. Scales gauge the opposite side more vulnerable than the container I’m in. Ziihre Hatun. I am vexed in light of the episode. It won’t be sufficient how frequently I will say I’m heartbroken.

Season 1 of the arrangement that will concentrate on the life of Osman Bey, the child of Ertugrul Gazi from the Kayi family and the originator of the Ottoman Empire. She would touch off the fire of gas and opportunity with her bruised eyes. His name was Osman, the child of Ertuğrul Gazi. It was old u love “that guided him through the haziness. In the land flooded with blood and tears, mown as divine harvest; He saw the fantasy of a country that would cross seven sky, seven spots, mountains and oceans with affection. He took his capacity not from his blade yet the affection he appeared, protection from bondage with opportunity, the biggest domain in history has seen the name love given. The insubordination to the degenerate request that gave 72 countries trust in the quiet, the call of the persecuted was the name given to the association. Establishment Osman is the narrative of a clan of only 400 tents to a world domain established with divine love.

While the Mongols attacked Söğüt, Kayı and other Turkish oba in the district, went them through the blade and didn’t leave them on stone. they catch all the courteous fellows and their people groups. While the Mongolian attack carried the Turks to the edge of elimination, just Osman Bey stayed before Balgay!

The Mongolian administrator Balgay, who needs to forestall the foundation of another Turkish state after the Seljuk by annihilating the Kayi, which develops in the extraordinary grounds of Anatolia and looks for the place that is known for the Tekfur in the Bitinya district, proposes Osman Bey to be the sancakbeyi.

Osman, who figured out how to escape by denying the offer, goes to the front by saying ‘either suffering or opportunity’. Utilizing Alişar as a tong, Balgay evacuates him and makes Sofia devoted.

He needs to debilitate all the expectations of opportunity of the Turks with amazing pains by shooting Kayı Obası with all his fierceness and catching the Alps of Dündar, Gündüz and Osman.

Will Osman Bey, who has become the main any desire for the Turks, quit saying Balgay’s mistreatment? What technique and way will Osman follow alone? By what method will Sheik Ebebali move Turks and Osman Bey very nearly annihilation? What will be the new rounds of the coldblooded Balgay, who attempts each approach to kill Osman?

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Kuruluş Osman 11. Bölüm Özeti:

Moğollar, Söğüt, Kayı ve bölgedeki diğer Türk obalarını işgal edip, kılıçtan geçirip, taş üstünde bırakmazlarken; tüm beyleri ve halklarını esir ederler. Moğol işgali Türkleri yok olmanın eşiğine getirirken, Balgay’ın karşısında yalnızca Osman Bey kalmıştır! Anadolu’nun uç topraklarında yeşeren Kayıları yok ederek Selçuklu sonrası yeni bir Türk devletinin kurulmasını engellemek isteyen ve Bitinya bölgesindeki tekfurlarının topraklarını ele geçirerek gözünü Konstantiniyye’ye diken Moğol komutan Balgay, Osman Bey’e sancakbeyi olmasını teklif eder. Teklifi reddederek kaçmayı başaran Osman, ‘Ya şehadet ya hürriyet’ diyerek kıyama kalkar. Alişar’ı maşa olarak kullanan Balgay, onu gözden çıkarıp Sofia’yı biat ettirir. Tüm gazabıyla Kayı Obası’nı vurup Dündar, Gündüz ve Osman’ın alplerini esir ederek akıl almaz eziyetlerle Türklerin tüm özgürlük umutlarını tüketmek ister. Türklerin tek umudu haline gelen Osman Bey, Balgay’ın zulmüne dur diyebilecek mi? Tek başına kalan Osman nasıl bir strateji ve yol izleyecek? Şeyh Ebebalı, yok oluşun eşiğindeki Türklere ve Osman Bey’e nasıl ilham verecek? Osman’ı ortadan kaldırmak için her yolu deneyen zalim Balgay’ın yeni oyunları neler olacak?