Kurulus Osman episode 3 Urdu subtitles full HD – Usman Ghazi darama episode 3 Urdu zuban

Kurulus Osman episode 3 Urdu subtitles full HD - Usman Ghazi darama episode 3 Urdu zuban

Kurulus Osman episode 3 With URDU Subtitle

Kurulus Osman episode 3 With English Subtitle

Season 1 of the arrangement that will concentrate on the life of Osman Bey, the child of Ertugrul Gazi from the Kayi family and the organizer of the Ottoman Empire. She would touch off the fire of gas and opportunity with her bruised eyes. His name was Osman, the child of Ertuğrul Gazi.

Kurulus Osman episode 3 Urdu subtitles full HD - Usman Ghazi darama episode 3 Urdu zuban
Kurulus Osman episode 3 Urdu subtitles full HD – Usman Ghazi darama episode 3 Urdu zuban

It was old u love “that guided him through the haziness. In the land flooded with blood and tears, mown as divine harvest; He saw the fantasy of a country that would cross seven sky, seven spots, mountains and oceans with adoration. He took his capacity not from his blade however the adoration he appeared, protection from subjugation with opportunity, the biggest realm in history has seen the name love given. The disobedience to the degenerate request that gave 72 countries trust in the quiet, the call of the mistreated was the name given to the association. Establishment Osman is the account of a clan of only 400 tents to a world realm established with divine love.

Kurulus Osman episode 3 With URDU Subtitle

In the land inundated with blood and tears, mown as divine yield; He saw the fantasy of a country that would cross seven sky, seven spots, mountains and oceans with “adoration. He took his capacity not from his blade yet from “affection. He gave his name to the best domain in history that opposed servitude with opportunity.

Kurulus Osman episode 3 English subtitles full HD - Usman Ghazi darama episode 3 English Language
Kurulus Osman episode 3 English subtitles full HD – Usman Ghazi darama episode 3 English Language

Kurulus Osman episode 3 With English Subtitle


Osman believes that the killers of Bamsı Bey’s child Aybars are a disloyalty settling in the stronghold and subtly enters the palace with Kulucahisar Tekfur, Yorgopolos, the main individual he trusts. In any case, following this understanding, the body of the killed Tekfur tumbles to Osman’s feet. Osman, pursuing the executioners, goes to the nose with the nuns who spared himself in the marsh. Will Osman find

out who the nuns really are? Will Sofia and Kalanoz catch Osman? Or then again will Osman discover the enemies of Giorgopolos and escape the palace?

He would touch off the fire of gas and opportunity with his bruised eyes.

His name was Osman, child of Ertugrul Gazi…

In the land inundated with blood and tears, mown as divine yield; He saw the fantasy of a country that would cross seven sky, seven spots, mountains and oceans with “adoration..

He took his capacity not from his blade yet from “affection. He gave his name to the best domain in history that opposed servitude with opportunity.

The disobedience to the degenerate framework that broke 72 countries, trust in the quiet cry of the persecuted was the name of the Organization…

Establishment Osman is the account of a walk froma 400 tent to a world domain established with divine love

You are viewing Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles Episode 3. Osman’s inward and outside battles and how he builds up and controls the Ottoman Dynasty. It depicts his battles against Byzantium and the Mongols and how he had the option to make sure about autonomy from the Sultanate of Rum so as to set up a sovereign express that would face the Byzantine and Mongol Empires and would respect the Turks. The show likewise gives an understanding into the individual existences of the Founding Oghuz Turks and their excursion to building up a sultanate. The character of Osman faces numerous foes and swindlers in his journey and the show represents how he had the option to beat these snags and satisfy his crucial the assistance of his devoted allies, family, and companions.

Kurulus Osman Episode 3 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode number THREE of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. Take a gander at the difficulty we’re experiencing to make that foul animal live. Barbarous world. I fashioned the steel completely, Batur Bey. Nobody in this world can crush you now. In the event that it lets me down during a fight… at that point nobody can spare you from me, smithy. I wonder what you re up to now. Every one of them were lies. Kalonoz. Hear me out. God damn you. Stop! Who right? Ne are the main power that will get Byzantine in a good place again. Administrator Kalonoz. We’re the main experts of that extraordinary, sacred force. We pledged to battle the Turks and carry our domain to its previous wonder… what’s more, secure Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. Who right? Yannis. Priest Yannis. I’m an unwavering worker of the Margaret Church in Serres. Everybody you see here, for the sake of our congregation, are gatekeepers of Kulucahisar. Kulucahisar is only one of the palaces under our influence. A lot more mansions, with their commandants, troopers, and even governors… are heavily influenced by us. Sofia. What < session you? Developing with the despise of the Turkish… I m a lady who has consistently obeyed Master Yannis. I’m a lady who couldn t disclose to her sentiments… to the man she cherished, on account of this reason. I offer an administrator like you to go along with us… to turn out to be all the more impressive, and to battle the Turks until the end… Officer Kalonoz. Let me know. What were you searching for in the manor? Clearly you took something covered up. Was it, the fortune? You’re correct, Osman. It was the fortune. Be that as it may, we neither took nor held onto it. With the assistance and effortlessness of Allah, we reclaimed what was our own. That treasure completely, has a place with the Ahis. I know Ahis, and how they withstand to Mongolians. However, I’m awkward. Edebali. For what reason are the ones in the mansion restricted you? For what reason did they take your fortune? What occurred in the château? Your girl Bala, Father Tursun, for what reason were they there. A dim power administering Bithynia has spread all over the place, each corner. In some cases they command with their thoughts… what’s more, in some cases with the men they pick. What do they need? What are they after? They need to end our convictions with the murkiness they laid upon us, child. They need to kick the Turks out of these terrains and restore Byzantine’s soul.

They know Ahis won’t give up. To be in front of us, they took the fortune that is Ahis fortune. They need to drive us into a financial emergency, child. Indeed, even Sofia who slaughtered the senator and caught the manor… is their operator in the manor. The ones who took this fortune from you, as you depicted… a dim and extraordinary force, Edebali. The power behind the ones who trust in Allah, is consistently more noteworthy, child. We neither have concerns, nor fears. We know and accept that regardless of how furious the adversary s armed forces are… there is a Mount Hira for each fact. The things you’ve let me know brightened me up? I have a solid inclination that, during this difficulty… what we need is a solid association. A great association no adversary can debilitate. Perhaps… perhaps a state. This will be such an express, that with it, equity ought to be restored. Islamic world will discover harmony. The unfeeling will shake, habits will ascend with it. Wear t be amazed, Commander Kalonoz. Simply answer. Is it true that you are with us? Let s state I’m most certainly not. Will slaughter me as well? No authority who has no disdain for the Turkish, has the option to live, Kalonoz. We set off for an incredible reason. Also, our adversaries are near the point that… there is definitely no room in our souls for kindness. Who are those foes? Sheik Edebali, and his Ahis. An old Sheik, and a bunch of Ahis. For what reason do they trouble you so much, Monk Yannis? You don’t have any acquaintance with them, Kalonoz. Sheik Edebali is the spirit of the Turkish who can’t be caught. Indeed, even the Mongolians couldn’t manage Ahis. The second we think they are finished with, they will begin a fresh start.

At that point, by what means will you manage them? With legends like you, who execute and bite the dust for their causes. Ne Greeks, have an antiquated saying. In case you’re going to chase wolfs, hone your hatchet. On the off chance that we wear ‘t hone our tomahawks, we would t be able to restrict the Turkish. Furthermore, in the event that we can’t contradict them, Sheik Edebali and his Ahis… will join with Ghazis (Veterans), Alps (Men). aciyans (Women)… furthermore, that will be our fate. Presently I will ask once more, Commander Kalonoz. After numerous years, would you like to be recognized as a double crosser… or on the other hand as a legend who halted the Turks’ surge? In this sacred excursion, I’m with you until my passing. Quiet down. Quiet down! Quiet down Only if my Osman Bey didn t need you… so I could destroy you. I revealed to you all that I knew. Release me! Quiet down. Quiet down! Open it, open it! Presently stay here unobtrusively. One inquiry, one answer. Who are you. Harmony be with you. Companions. Harmony be with you as well. Separate the twofold and single-strung ones well. The ones with designs are as yet fragmented. We can’t sell them like this in the Very well, Bala Hatun. Very well ala Hatun. These ones are not appropriate for selling. Transform them into boots for the appalling and part with them. Great, Bala Hatun. In swinging blades, however you re additionally talented in exchanging, Bala Hatun.

We can secure our lives with blades, Turks’ respect with exchange… what’s more, customs with our habits, Osman Bey. The Turkish’s customs are on ladies’ hands, my dear mother used to state. On account of you, I understood how right she was. ala Hatun. Your pony Alaca. What happened to Alaca? The circumstance isn’t acceptable in the animal dwellingplace. No grass can develop in your way, old buddy. ala Hatun s wing, my Alaca. I’d never realized I’d see you like this. He bounced directly out of the Epic of Manas to my life, Osman Bey. He was my guide. Like the moon in the sky, My Alaca was my bow with its light in obscurity. My Al c<i. Reason him, Bala Hatun. How might you be distraught at the moon in light of foreboding shadows. You’ve experienced such things with Bala Hatun, experienced such fights… It tends to be seen from your scars. You are valiant simply like your proprietor. You don’t surrender. you don’t give up. It s evident that you do your pony great, Bala Hatun. You love him like a companion, ride him like an adversary. What’s more, he suffered peacefully… didn’t utter a word regardless of the contamination in his stomach. For you. In the event that you have confidence in me… permit me to mend Alaca, similar to you spared me from the mud. I have confidence in you. so I acquainted you with my dad, Osman Bey. Deal with my pony. Alaca. Alaca. It II deal with the contamination in your stomach. Presently… I state we take you to the Tent. I ll treat you there. So… not another tear tumbles from your proprietor Bala Hatun’s lovely eyes. May Allah favor you, Osman Bey.

My lone wish… is you permit me to see you again in the bazaar tomorrow. My partner is in your grasp. I permit it, Osman Bey. Regardless, I’ll bring Alaca back. In the 99 names of Allah, who calls into being, fills our hearts with confidence. Everybody is anticipating requests to get their blades, and rebuff them. Be that as it may, Dundar Bey, it appears as though you re slowing down us. I comprehend your torment and outrage, Bamsi Bey. Yet, is it shrewd to look for the fight to come without learning reality? Diindar Bey, if just shrewdness was required for the fight to come… numerous little ones couldn’t take over enormous ones. What our committee needs is fearlessness, Dundar Bey. What it needs is fearlessness. My dad. Diindar Bey… has set his heart to Ertugrul cause. By doing this, when he was only a youngster, he demonstrated his boldness. Presently, nobody should attempt to scrutinize my dad s dauntlessness. We had a go at exchanging, they endeavored a death. Our Aybars turned into a saint. My sibling Osman is battling urgently in an unlimited well. Doing combating is our activity. In any case… persistence, is our guide. Until we get notification from Osman, I state we don’t make a move. I don’t trust anything s wrong. What is happening? Thank heavens! Osman Bey is coming! Thank heavens! Osman Bey is here. Say thanks to Allah’ Praise be my Bey! Welcome my Bey! Take it to the horse shelter. We can neither leave Osman to heathens… nor would we be able to take the risk of fight. My nephew is correct. It s somewhat right on time to go into fight. We have to hold up till Osman returns. Gracious. Osman. Holding up is futile while unfairness is the issue, Dundar Bey. II let you know whether it is war or harmony. e my visitor. I’m letting you know, valiant Beys. The time has come to battle the distress which has spread from Kulucahisar. owever… Battling with blades just will be nothing then a feline nibble to the foe. I don’t get your meaning, Osman?

We are confronting an intense adversary… who can strangulate us with their enhanced organs… as we harm them. The time has come to finish the bitches past the dividers. The eys who are here, are to concede to battling. Be that as it may… an official conclusion is Dundar Bey’s. Sibling, I didn’t understand you grew up that quick. In this land, there’s no an ideal opportunity to be a youthful, sibling. The greatest youthfulness is to follow unbelievers just to work together. A choice of war for the Turks’ own advantage ought to be concurred here today. therwise… You should realize that you’ll cut your own throat. We face the ones who executed their own representative and set snares for us. They began this war by slaughtering my sibling Aybars. Ne will petition God for the fight. It’s an ideal opportunity to be saints, it s not only a war. That is all I need to state. Kayi Beys need to ascend for war. The time has come to battle! Osman Bey is correct. The unbelievers won’t act well. Eyvallah (Yes) Osman Bey. The time has come to battle. Presently, let me know. War or harmony? Beys saying “war” in separation If it is a war, at that point it is a war. We d lean toward kicking the bucket to give our Osman, … who is endowed to us by Ertugrul to unbelievers hands I see that… Beys have just chosen. Be that as it may, this choice… is past me. We should show restraint till Ertugrul Bey returns. The war choice is Bey’s as per our conventions. Presently… Reason me. I need to converse with my nephews. Eyvallah (obviously) (for the sake of Allah) Ya Allah! Truly, my girl. On account of you… This blade, the entrustment of Hz. Ahmet Yesevi is in our grasp, my little girl. With your petitions, neighborliness, in sha Allah, father. The best good manners is an individual s enorr.

You succeded in a significant activity. Since this blade isn’t care for… the other dim blade which sinks into the he rt. This blade appears in the most troublesome occasions and.. reach to the new Hakan (Turkish leader) of the Turks.

When the new Hakan of Turks is furnished with this.. it’ll overcome hearts by obliterating the unbeliever land This will offer would like to the abused, and dread the barbarous.. with the profound light which is spread from here. By what means will we find that Hakan among every one of those individuals, father? Is there a way? We’ll see him, my girl. We II find that sparkle that didn’t victory in spite of the entire winter. Since, when we associate this blade to that flash… it will transform into a well of lava… what’s more, it will disperse help to the mistreated. Who is that Hakan (Turkish ruler), father? He is a man who doesn’t spare a moment to battle the cruels. He is additionally savvy, just as being solid. Furthermore, he helps the abused. He is a man, child of a man. Thus, the circumstance is self-evident… I offer that we will overcome Kulucahisar cas e. In the event that we succeeded, we’d vanquish all the strongholds. Along these lines we will be liberated of Mongol and Byzantine assault. We’ll plant Islam’s banner all over. Simple, nephew. Simple. For what reason would you say you are so quick? You remained in that manor realizing that you II be blamed for the homicide, isn’t that so? Indeed, uncle. Since the killer of the Governor is additionally my sibling Aybar s killer. ueiuso You don’t conceal anything from us, you, sibling. What would i be able to cover up after all the data, sibling. Our endeavors on you were justified, despite all the trouble, Osman. You qualified your weapon, and you qualified being the child of a Bey. I, as your uncle, am pleased with you. Do you extremely glad for me in spite of the way that they stole Aygul, uncle? The adversary is consistently shrewd, nephew. It s not your shortcoming that what befell my girl. Eyvallah (thank you ), uncle. You jumped into the château like an unpolished blade. Unbelievers considered you answerable for each case. What I am attempting to state is, ensure yourself until Ertugrul Bey returns. I confide in you, Osman. Watch out for yourself and your Alps(men). Wear t stress, uncle. For whatever length of time that the mansion resists the urge to panic… I can take care of myself and my Alps. May Allah help us. Reason me, uncle.

I will discover what you are avoiding me, and what sort of difficulty… you are in, Osman. Around then, we II stand up to once more. We’ll go up against. Ace Yannis, the light in your face reveals to me that the news is significant. Nizameddin, our man in the bazaar. He expounds on the new bazaar. Osman is with them too. As I anticipated. Osman is with them. It is evident the Ahis (The Ahi Brotherhood) accumulated in new bazaar. We have to forestall that. We will, Kalanoz, we will. We will pulverize the bazaar and execute every one of them. On the off chance that I assault them with my officers, that announces the war, however I am prepared to battle. It is too soon for a war. In addition, another person will do it for you. Who can do this with the exception of me, Master Yannis. Ruler Salvador, the grisly cutting edge of Catalonia. With my intrepid warriors, am under your order, Master Yannis. Alaca. Please, here. Here you go. My uncle adulates me. He talks so pleasantly, Alaca. It doesn’t look good, isn’t that right? It doesn’t look good. Be that as it may, my uncle is an astute man. He is attempting to comfort me… and afterward act like who he truly is. Masha Allah. (contact wood!) Don t stress, you’ll be fine soon. Please. Please. Osman Bey. I was going frantic while sitting tight for you. Is it accurate to say that you are furious with me for what was the deal? You have experienced a great deal as a result of me. I keep living gratitude to you. May Allah be satisfied with you. You are from my blood, Aygul Hatun (woman). Your life starts things out. Whose pony is this? ecause of the herb he ate. She is a merchant young lady’s pony. I offered my auntie s medicine. I’ll take her to the new bazaar and convey. Be cautious, Osman Bey. Eyvallah ( Thank you ). The pony.. is a vendor young lady’s pony. a merchant young lady? In the event that a man takes a Hatun’s (woman) pony to her tent… It implies that he cherishes her. Alaca, please. Come. Please, excellence. Welcome, Gonca Hatun (woman). Simply rest, Bala Hatun. We’ve experienced a great deal. You can’t envision how I frantically need to return to my activity, Gonca Hatun. Who are they, Bala Hatun (woman)?

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A few darlings. Debris and Kerem. On the off chance that they are sweethearts,’ for what reason are they isolated. heard their story from an Allepon voyager. Kerem misses Asli so much that he is diminished to his remains. Also, Ash clears the cinders with her hair. Along these lines, their gathering is because of the day of atonement, and just their story is left for us. What would i be able to state, ala? May Allah give us an adoration that can be reached. Amin. trust his uncle doesn’t blow up when Osman meets him. Osman Bey has thumped the foe. Try not to stress. He will get over these, as well. Moreover.. Sheik acknowledged Would he have acknowledged him in the event that he hadn’t seen the light in Osman, Gonca Hatun? Teokles hasn t showed up yet. Possibly he have been caught by Osman? amn it. On the off chance that he causes him to talk, things will turn sour. It’ll be so difficult for us to discover the fortune. Administrator Andreas! Indeed, madam. I sent Teoklas after Osman. He hasn t returned. Discover him, Andreas. Regardless, discover him. They are concealing what they know from us. Will I? Come, Samsa. Long-term no observe. What an amazement to see you, Samsa. We disregarded you at that stronghold, yet… you had the option to oversee it.

We are kindred spirits, Samsa. Unbelievers more likely than not been astounded, as well. How about we sit. Unbelievers will freeze when Teokles doesn’t appear. Who the hellfire is Teokles? The pooch they sent to slaughter me. Presently, we caught him. I know it, my Osman, I know it. I realize you will render retribution for my Aybars. Teokles will lead us to the killers of Aybars. Eyvallah child, Eyvallah (thank you ) I’ll lament them ki ling a Kayi’s valiant. I, as Erturul Ghazi’s child Osman, .. will skin them to the bones. May I? Come, Boran Alp. What occurred, Boran? For what reason would you say you are looking stressed? Osm< n Bey… Teokles got away. ow come.. I endowed him to you, didn’t I oran? Answer me! How wouldn’t you be able to deal with a man whose lower legs and wrists were tied? Is it safe to say that you weren’t there? I recuperated him, at that point I went to chasing for him. He wasn’t there when I returned. The rope was cut by a knife. Somebody probably made a difference. Who is that? Who! Could I, Dundar Bey? Come, child. come. I have something to let you know, father. Go on. ueiuso What did he do? He caught one of Sofia s trackers, Teokles. Where right? Try not to stress, father. I spared him from Osman’s hands Could you get any data? After Osman got away from the palace, she sent him to get him. Who sent him? Sofia. Sofia. Osman beat up Teokles so terrible, however he is fine at this point. Where is that unbeliever now? We have him, father. This data will spare Bithynia from an enormous war. Educate Gundiiz Bey. Off you go. Jackals go to their alcoves, bears go to their caverns. Where he is going to is self-evident. The manor. I’ll shoot the jackal in its corner, z I ll stifle the bear in the cavern!

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode (3 Bolum) with English, Urdu and Bangla Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 3 with English and Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 2 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 3, After Tekfur’s passing, the family in the château is greatly lamented. Osman suspects the ladies that they executed Tekfur. Those ladies have been prevailing with regards to taking fortune and relics from Tekfur’s room. Also, they are not Christians but rather Muslims. Sofia gets some information about fizzling in securing him. Helen reveals to them that Osman was coming out of Tekfur’s room around then and they go to battle with Osman yet he crushes them and prevails with regards to coming out of the stronghold. Presently, they report Yannis against Osman about the occurrence. Tekfur’s administrators and Sofia intend to hijack Osman’s comparative with force him to come out. Dundar Bey and his significant other discussion about composing a letter to Ertugrul about the circumstance winning here. Be that as it may, actually, Dundar Bey isn’t concurred with her.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 3, Yannis Efendi, who was recounting the Holy Quran in the cavern, loses control in the wake of listening the report about Osman. In this way, there is the news winning wherever that Osman executed Tekfur. On the opposite side, Osman meets with minister to think about those ladies. Aygul and Burcin talk about Osman while washing garments, they appear to be a lot of irate at him. Then, they are assaulted by Sofia’s authorities. Aygul is presently kidnaped. Burcin illuminates Dundar Bey, who is caught up with talking about the concurrence with the Byzantine Empire, about the occurrence.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 3, The Beys go to château and the troopers state they will execute Aygul if Osman won’t come out. Dundar Bey meets with Sofia and gets some information about his little girl. Sofia says that Osman needs to demonstrate his honesty. Along these lines, Osman makes a section here. Furthermore, the discussion closes with the choice to hold a reasonable court. The troopers take Osman to prison. There, leader interrogates him concerning the execution of Tekfur yet Osman moves this inquiry to him. However, officers leave the cell accusing Osman about the execution. Sofia and Helen talk about Osman that he will escape from here. They call Theokles to follow Osman after he escapes so as to discover treasure and hallowed relics. Dundar Bey and Bamsi Bey talk about Osman. Osman prevails with regards to coming out of the prison by finding the key in the soup and vanquishing the watchmen. Presently, Theokles is tailing him. After that Osman, the head Akinji Alp Konur and different Alps talk about the palace’s drawings and plans. Efendi Yannis has come to manor. Osman and Theokles enjoy a battle and Osman gets him and comes to think about his senders.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 3, Osman and his Alps are in the woods and they are looked by a gathering of individuals. The ladies who spared Osman are additionally in this gathering. The ladies ask Osman to come alone to think about the insider facts. So they go to a mystery room where Osman finds a man hanging tight for him. After asking he comes to realize that he is Edebali. Osman is amazed on the grounds that Edebali is one of the companions of his dad Ertugrul Ghazi. Osman additionally comes to think about the ladies who is little girl of Edebali, Bala Hatun. Edebali inquires as to whether he consents to be with them. Osman concurs with the condition to know all the insider facts. Presently what are those privileged insights? Edebali and Osman are discussing which privileged insights? Will Osman be pulled in to Bala Hatun? Will Ertugrul return from Konya? Every one of these inquiries will be replied in Kurulus Osman Episode (3 Bolum).

Kurulus Osman Episode 3 with English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman’s scene 3 will be on-air on ATV Channel on Wednesday (04-12-2019) in Turkish. The live gushing of Kurulus Osman Episode 3 in Turkish can be accomplished by Clicking Here. The individuals who can comprehend Turkish will have the option to watch Kurulus Osman Episode 3 considerably later by Clicking Here yet ATV Youtube channel transfer the scene later.

He is the person who chooses. OK, my child’s somewhat idiotic? Like you stated, “My Sheik. Our Lord is more noteworthy than our issues. Be that as it may, I am concerned. I’m contemplating the top. Our psyches and hearts are with the top. Be that as it may, if it’s a test, it’s consistently useful. Try not to stress. Top My daughter,kurulus osman scene 3 urdu caption by mubitv Thank you for the allah Let’s go up. She is harmed. Cautiously. Simple. Please, my girl. Bisam al-La’ah’s rehman al-Rahim. Much obliged to you for my al-Laa. Much obliged to you to my Lord Allah, you are satisfied, lady. You brought my girl back for me.

Let allah give you what you need. I don’t need anything however the supplications of a decent individual like you. I salute Usman Bay. He is a bold man. He is a truly valiant man. Plunk down, woman. Loosen up a little Tell me. How is Usman Bay? Hold up. I disclosed to you where Usman and Adibali would meet. I was valid. I need to know more. I was on my guarantee. My child is in your assurance. What do you need more? Get tranquil, woman Who disclosed to Gehato that I have a law? Who? I don’t know.kurulus osman scene 3 urdu caption by mubitv Go, go, and bring his child.

I will make a net of the backs of her skin and sit on her. No, no. hang on hang on hang on Tell Who? Who told Gehato, \”I have a law?\” Who? I’m requesting the last time. It is possible that you’ll tell the name of this canine. Or on the other hand I will give you the leader of the bator, and cover you alive. Who told? These are the indications of my baba’s power. How might you take them, Uncle? What right did you take them? This is the head of the Kai clan. Not for the lacking cove Is my child dead? How might you take them? You don’t have the foggiest idea about the circumstance since you were in The Neamya. Gundoz… Usman’s sibling Gandos, yes? Truly, that is it. He left the clan two days prior. We thought possibly he was scratched But he went to The Conia.kurulus osman scene 3 urdu caption by mubitv He brought the clan of Commander Connie and his troopers. I let you know.

What do you need now? What’s more, about Usman? I don’t think about Usman. Which of the clans has connections to Usman? Samsa Bay and Bamsi Bay are close Usman will clearly be with them Samsa is the adversary of Usman How would he be able to be with Usman? They realize how to join against the adversary If you finish Samsa… you can discover Usman. On the off chance that Samsa is discovered, at that point you will discover Usman. I know where Samsa is Jorktai… address the Kongar, go with your best officers and bring their bodies. I need the law of The Changiz Khan and the Usman harmony Take them to The Fort Chaiseer Why are you still here, woman? get out Blood. Blood. Blood. Somebody’s coming Boran… has anybody found? Not my manager Sons… kids… my Usman has been taken to The Queen. However, we’re not going to bow. We will do everything to spare Usman, my sir. Express gratitude toward God Usman… Thank you ruler Al-Hamed Ullah… kurulus osman scene 3 urdu caption by mubitv Mashaullah Give me us. Alpha mother is a daring lady. They’re not talkies… however not dry. What’s more, they have recuperating in their grasp. She won’t stop… she’ll get ready nourishment for you. Grin. Everything going to pass. We have numerous issues and adversaries left. We have none however one other, the top woman. We’ll dispose of the issues. At that point I’ll go to my sheik. Furthermore, I’ll ask you once more. We will have a major toy too.kurulus osman scene 3 urdu caption by mubitv We will have youngsters as well. We’ll have children.

Since we will be solid. You simply need to tackle your issues now. The lay is composed on our destiny, Usman. Your destiny is brimming with hard fights. In any case, you’ll be solid with your youngsters. Everybody will perceive the offspring of Usman. Everybody will perceive. You will overlook this torment. Your battle will be as holy as you. Allah make you a vanquisher. What is this top woman? You are talking as though you are leaving me. I’m imploring be safe, Why are you doing such things? In the event that essential, I can forfeit myself for you, Usman. Most likely I will be with you. Karma… kurulus osman scene 3 urdu caption by mubitv You are in torment. I realize you’ll grin again when you’re sound. This will pass. These troublesome days will return. My Lord will give us girls and children, these will be the children. On the off chance that I am their dad, I might want you to be their mom. These are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who are These are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who are Amen. Try not to consider me, Osman. They state Slaves dream, karma snickers Allah is sacred.