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#1 Web Hosting Company
top-web-hosting-companies-for-wordpress-hostingVisit: Just Host Website

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Best WordPress Hosting Providers in USA united-statesVisit: Blue Host Website

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Best WordPress Hosting Providers in USA united-statesVisit: IPage Website

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Best WordPress Hosting Providers in USA united-states-2Visit: Host Gator Website

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All about cheap web hosting ?

As any other person you will want a thing for free than paying for the same thing. Plenty of sites offer cheap web hosting, if you are experienced you will know what is going on here. For knowing cheap web hosting you will need to know all the details and what are the perks and problems associated with free web hosting.

How does it work ?

It works simply by the way you put your site on the free host’s server and they offer you unlimited band width and a data of more than 60MB. It is a fair game as most of the sites don’t have many visitors if they have chosen a free web hosting server means that they are new to business, or they can afford this at all.

What does the web host get ?

They actually get a lot of things they turn your website into many of ad and banner posting site. You have to change the layout or design of your web page to accommodate a lot of ads and banners by the web hosting server. Still I will call it a fair game because you are using their server for free and in return they are using your site for free and posting ads.

What is the catch ?

As many of the people with different sites are sharing the same server, as free servers are not dedicated web hosting so there will be problems. Most of the people using it for free can add virus or any kind of problem with your web page. Your data is not secure at all and if you are using it for e commerce than it is a big risk. Credit card payments, user data and all the records are not safe via cheap web hosting.

Trusted cheap web host

Go daddy is the top most and beneficial free web host. It gives the largest space as much as 10 GB for free web and its registration for a domain is as low as 2 American dollars. It comes with a package having Website tonight which allows 5 page websites and a blog plus photo album, even if you are inexperienced, you can easily work with it.

Next site is 50 webs which is secure and offers unlimited bandwidth, 60mb storage is given for free. It is good in a sense no ads and popup windows or any corrupted system is shown on your site. The layout and design of your site remains the same and your data is secure. It offers to accommodate multiple and sub domains under the same site. It is most near to professional web hosting in the free rate.

Limitations for free web hosting

Generally they are reliable but people with commercial and business needs should not trust cheap web hosting. Most of the sites are not reliable so choose a site that you have reference to, a friend or someone already has their site over the same server will make it secure.

Perks of Hosting with cpanel

There are plenty of benefits of hosting with cpanel, one of the most important one is you can create your own website empire on your web host server. Most of the major and famous companies offer hosting with cpanel so it is not an issue to find a webhost offering this. There are plenty of tutorial series explaining how to use cpanel.

  • Cpanel creates email addresses based on your domain name, which not to mention gives a professional look to your details. If you are still using the same addresses like Gmail and yahoo it will create an unprofessional impact which is covered by cpanel.
  • With fantastic you can easily install your scripts into websites and it doesn’t take a lot of time to do so. It is one of the largest databases of scripts, like WordPress the best site building software these days. It was designed to be used as a blog but now it is used for complete websites as well.
  • Awaits allows you to check the number of visitors their visiting hours their emails and other details as well. It also tells you how much of your bandwidth is used every day. It gives the details about keywords and other links that direct to your website. In short it makes it easy to know reason of having visitors and which region has more visitors.
  • A newbie or an old website expert can easily operate it as it is user friendly. There are no certain technicalities and expertise needed to be known for using cpanel.
  • It may cost more than the other services but the cost is compensated by the numerous advantages it offers. A cpanel site is not comparable with any other because it is at the peak.
  • There are plenty of sites offering cpanel with different features and different payments. It is not always necessary to get best cpanel deal and with a lot of money, the same deal will be offered by some other web host in a low rate.
  • There are many reasons to choose cpanel one of them is more storage space; it offers more storage space than any other web host server.
  • It gives better features like during update the link is not completely down or broken there can still be buffering while site is being updated.
  • It provides the user to perform multitasking for an environment that is being used by many people. It allows the interactive use of server and internet while transmitting or getting data and information.
  • It has unique feature of providing diverse sizes and kinds of sites, it provides demands of different sizes etc.
  • Cpanel provides a single interface, it is used to navigate the server and let you perform your function differently and accurately.
  • As it is easy to use it is less time consuming than other programs that are being offered by webhosts. It offers edges over the other server and services and is being widely used.

Considerable factors for web hosting

There are several factors you might know before choosing a web host. One of them is pricing, if your deal is too cheap you might be getting less than you think you are. Choose the web server that allows you to choose from plenty of programs and let you operate with freedom. It is not always necessary that the host you choose if expensive is the best. For choosing a web host it is necessary to do your homework and select from the best.

Second is software, if the software of your web host is compatible with yours then it is not an issue. But if it is not compatible it is necessary to know they offer any kind of alteration and user support. How much time they take to upgrade the server and how long will it take to expand them their bandwidth is one of the most important consideration in this field. If you have a large website and growing business then this is an important consideration. You should not buy a fixed plan with a fixed amount of space. Software offering cpanel hosting should be chosen over the others because it is more users friendly.

Third is technical and customer support which is also an important consideration. Unless you know the whole business inside you have to come up with a plan. Read the support service plan that is offered and what are the timing and the service they offer.

Fourth is deciding web designer, web programmer and your need, they may differ for different hosts and your daily use computer should be compatible with theirs.

Free web hosts should be avoided because they give more malwares and shared hosting, shared hosting should not be preferred over the dedicated hosts. Dedicated hosts are single hosts that provide the whole server to one web site and they offer whole share of the server to same person. There is unlimited bandwidth and data usage. A dedicated host is preferred over others but a semi- dedicated is also ideal for those who can borrow the whole server. It includes having the server divided into two or three parties and they share the server. It is expensive but it comes with the surety that no on can alter your website there will be no threats for credit card transactions as well. Sites that are sellers or do online business should have dedicated host.

Ideal web host

The ideal web host is the one offering cpanel hosting and of that host the combination of dedicated host will make it perfect. Hosts that offer cpanel hosting are considered the best.

Ideal combination is use of dedicated host with cpanel hosting and this is considered the best at this time.  You have to do homework and find out which of the host is giving you the best deal in the lowest rate possible.

The ideal feature of cpanel hosting called fantastic provides you with all the user details you seek like timings and id that are logged in.

How to choose web hosting ?

AA ZZ Hosting is one of the best web hosting companies in the world that offers WordPress, Joomla, reseller, shared hosting online at unbeatable rates.

For choosing web hosting you first need to know what is web hosting. It is renting some space on the web server for your website. If you have your web site, it doesn’t only run by a domain name it has many HTML files texts and other files linked together. A web server stores all these files and it is always online, it links a computer data to another computer data. It is not any computer it is a super computer that do all the work. Anyone who is connected to internet reaches the server when a specific domain is accessed and the server in remain open up the series of files. Any kind of computer can work as a server but the special software is required.

Except for showing your files to the user it also serve many other important functions like creating email addresses based on the name of domain you choose and send and receive emails from them. Server has various types of soft wares installed that perform different and unique functions.

When you rent out webhosting the fee is being used for the maintenance of server to keep it online 24/7 and response in a quick manner. It has to stores a lot of data hence it is difficult to response quickly for which it is constantly upgraded and renewed with the latest technology. Web hosting like aa zz hosting has a quick and efficient response, there are various packages and deals they offer. There is an option to start your own server but that will not be economical and it is a very hectic job to do.

There are shared and dedicated web hosting each offering different service than the other. Shared web hosting is cheap and it gives a specific band width and different storage capacity, if you want to expand the number of visitors you need to upgrade the band width. Most of the sites offer big band widths that allow you to start a site of size of CNN but during update the link of site is down. Different servers are designed to offer different kind of storage and can facilitate a number of audiences. If you want to increase your business then try web host like aa zz hosting which is not only economical but also very efficient.

Dedicated hosting means that the entire server is dedicated to only one web site and there is no other site that is being run by that server. It makes your site more secure especially if you have some dealing with money than dedicated hosting is a better option. Semi- dedicated hosting is also secure because only a few numbers of sites have the server divided. It is not as secure as full dedicate but still it is more secure than shared hosting. With the pros comes the cons as well, being dedicated to a single host it makes dedicated hosting expensive and not suitable for starters. Different servers use different hosting services UNIX or Windows are commonly used.