250+ Traffic Packs List (11 Niches) timeless traffic tricks – Trick#4

250+ Traffic Packs List (11 Niches) timeless traffic tricks – Trick#4

#1 – Fitness
(28 traffic packs)


#2 – Beauty
(25 traffic packs)
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#3 – Dogs
(25 traffic packs)

#4 – Golf
(25 traffic packs)

#5 – Weight Loss
(25 traffic packs)

#6 – Diabetes
(16 traffic packs)

#7 – Cats
(25 traffic packs)

#8 – Guitar
(14 traffic packs)

#9 – Investing/Finance/Motivation
(25 traffic packs)

#10 – Woodworking

(25 traffic packs)

#11 – Horses

(25 traffic packs)


250+ Traffic Packs List (11 Niches) timeless website traffic tricks – Trick#4

Traffic scripts done-for-you timeless traffic tricks – Trick#3

Done-for-You Scripts
Use any of the scripts below to reach out to influences in order to get traffic
packs for the BEST price possible.
Note: When you get a reply, make sure to negotiate price, time of the promotion among
other things covered in the main course. Make sure to watch ALL the video training
before using these scripts.
Subject: Advertising
Hi there, we’re interested in having a shutout for one of our products.
Please PM me your rates and available times. Thank you so much 🙂
Subject: Business
Hey, love your page! We’re looking for long-term partnerships with
influences in our niche. Please let me know how much you charge for a
promotional shutout to your followers. We’ll even create an EXCLUSIVE
coupon for your fans.
Subject: I Want to Send You Money
Hey there, we’re interested in sending you money directly to your PayPal in
exchange for a shutout to your followers. We have a really good product
that your fans will love and are looking for great influences like yourself.
Please let me know what your rates are, thanks 🙂 Look forward to working
with you for a long time!