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#1 Web Hosting Company
top-web-hosting-companies-for-wordpress-hostingVisit: Just Host Website

#2 Web Hosting Company
Best WordPress Hosting Providers in USA united-statesVisit: Blue Host Website

#3 Web Hosting Company
Best WordPress Hosting Providers in USA united-statesVisit: IPage Website

#4 Web Hosting Company
Best WordPress Hosting Providers in USA united-states-2Visit: Host Gator Website

#5 Web Hosting Company

Google has thousands of suggestions of hosting packages and result of search ends up in 40,100,000 sites. It is very difficult to choose your hosting package when there are a lot of sites misguiding you and misleading your search. Well there are plenty of ways for you to know what your hosting packages should be like.

If you have an online business which require credit card transaction, your business is running well and there are more chances of increase in its popularity then you need to try dedicated or semi dedicated a to z hosting packages. The perk of dedicated hosting is that you don’t have to share it with any other site and your info and all the transactions are safe. Dedicated host doesn’t let the server down as there is only one site they have to facilitate. Where there are pros there are cons as well and the cons for dedicated hosting includes that it can be expensive even double the rate of your shared package. There will be maintenance fee and there can be extra charges which were shared by different hosts in shared hosting. Advantages of dedicated hosting are that your site is secure. There are no server downs, there is no alteration in your site and there is also no blocking of your site as the IP address is unique and only registered to your site.

If you have a big and expanding business then the dedicated ones are best  but if you area newbie and have a small site and business try shared a to z hosting packages. Many of the sites claim to provide the best hosting package but to know you have to see which site is providing you the best package. You need to surf and find out deals which are affordable for you. Select the bandwidth and make sure your server has cpanel. As cpanel is the key to use the server, it is compatible and user friendly, it allows you to upgrade your website and use it with ease. There are many disadvantages of shared hosting as well, one of which is if one site on the server is blocked all the other sites are blocked as well as they have same IP address.

Summary for selecting your package you need to know what you want to have the dedicated and shared after you are done with this step the next step comes. What are the hosting packages that your server is offering, choose it with care because many of the sites sell it in lowest while other are expensive and they don’t provide good service as well. Then you have to see the features that are being provided by your web host do they provide Drupal? WordPress or Joomla?  They make your site easy to use and easy to access. It is important to know that can you easily upgrade or transfer hosting packages and do they have the guarantee to give your money back. Does the server provide anti- virus and what is the timing of their technical support? There considerable questions are important, if the answer is yes go for it.