Shared Nginx Hosting

Shared Nginx Hosting

Nginx is an elite opposite intermediary, load adjusting web worker by and large held for VPS or devoted worker hosting. It’s just accessible from a set number of hosts.

While choosing a host, pick a supplier who offers bundles that meet the entirety of your other hosting prerequisites, and offers Nginx as a major aspect of the arrangement.

Here are the best 5 Nginx hosts:

How Could We Pick the Best Hosts for Nginx?

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We investigated many web hosts offering Nginx and picked those with stages designed for ideal execution. At that point we short-recorded those with brilliant client care, usability, and in general worth.

Next, we counseled our enormous information base of thousands of client surveys, figuring in purchaser experiences.

What Is Nginx?

Nginx is an opposite intermediary web worker that is utilized to serve dynamic website substance and control worker load.

It is open source and right now holds the title of the second most utilized web worker, basically because of the way that it can deal with very high measures of traffic.

Nginx is articulated ‘motor X’.

History of Nginx

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Improvement of Nginx initiated in 2002, and the author was Igor Sysoev, a Russian designer who later assumed the title of Chief Architect.

Sysoev was conceived in 1970 and learned at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, and still deals with the venture today.

Nginx, Inc.

The organization behind Nginx, Nginx Inc, was not established until nine years after advancement started.

It has workplaces in Moscow, Russia (where Sysoev still lives) and San Francisco, USA and offers paid specialized help and consultancy.

As per Nginx Inc, the innovation is answerable for presenting 40 percent of the main 10,000 locales on the planet, estimated regarding traffic.

Why use nginx

Prominent Nginx Users

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SFull-Featured Hosting packages now 20% off coupon code: HOSTING20 at – Shop now! Some prominent organizations have put resources into the Nginx venture, from Automattic (the organization behind WordPress) to MaxCDN.

It has been utilized in Russia for a long time to encourage fast assistance on a portion of the nation’s greatest websites.

What Nginx Does Best

“I assessed NGINX Plus and was astounded at its capacity. The benchmarks just overwhelmed me. The measure of traffic that NGINX Plus can deal with is stunning – even past our needs.” – James Ridle, IT Operations Manager at Montana Interactive

NGINX as a Reverse Proxy

Nginx is an opposite intermediary worker. It bolsters the accompanying conventions:



The opposite intermediary assists with adjusting the heap by disseminating demands and storing specific sorts of substance.

Like Apache, Nginx has a secluded engineering.

Increasing speed of your locales and applications is anything but difficult to accomplish with Nginx. Nginx can likewise altogether improve your application’s engineering.

Nginx Features and Functionality

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That isn’t it. There is more!

The apparatus moreover:

Reserves HTTP demands

Revamps URIs utilizing regex

Tracks and geolocates clients

Goes about as a web worker

Gives adaptation to internal failure

Supports TLS/SSL, FastCGI and comparable

Lets clients stream FLV and MP4

Offers gzip pressure

Supports the approaching IPv6 framework

Gives a mail intermediary SMTP, POP3, and IMAP

Supports virtual workers


20X FASTER nginx Hosting

Nginx is a magnificent answer for giving your undertakings and websites an additional speed help. Any host can say “Sure we uphold nginx,” however just A2 Hosting can give you an extra presentation support on head of what you’ll encounter while utilizing nginx. That is on the grounds that you’ll be hosted on our elite SwiftServer stage. You can even pick our Turbo Servers including up to 20X quicker page loads contrasted with contending nginx Hosting suppliers.

Arrangement your Nginx programming with a solitary snap utilizing Webuzo. It couldn’t be speedier or simpler! You’ll additionally get an email telling you when a refreshed adaptation of Nginx opens up in Webuzo. Simply sign into Webuzo and update your Nginx introduce with a solitary snap so you get the absolute best and most secure highlights. Make a point to pick one of our OS layouts that incorporate Webuzo when buying your record to get this easy to use autoinstaller instrument for nothing!

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Nginx Hosting – Industry Best Solutions

Our objective isn’t to win grants. We will likely offer the best web host arrangements that are both bursting quick and super dependable. All things being equal, we’re still very pleased with our group’s achievements! Since our dispatch in 2003, their difficult work has helped us gain acknowledgment and awards as the top hosting supplier in the business.

Nginx Hosting – What Our Customers Have To Say?

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Worker execution, adaptable administration levels, simple to-utilize highlights and the best advancement programming are a couple of reasons why 97% of A2 Hosting clients would prescribe us to a companion, family or partner. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to be the following upbeat VPS client?

nginx Hosting – Need A Different Solution?

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Best nginx Web Hosting

nginx Hosting – The A2 Away

We make it simple to get going as well! Arrangement nginx with 1-click for you utilizing Webuzo. It couldn’t be more easy to utilize. The best part is that Webuzo is incorporate free with your nginx Hosting account! Simply pick one of our Webuzo formats from the checkout to gain admittance to this awesome apparatus. You can even browse your favored kind of Linux, including CentOS and Ubuntu.

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While speed and backing are both essential parts of picking a nginx specialist organization, what you presumably care about the most is on the off chance that you can rely upon us. Totally! Your calibrated worker is super solid and sponsored by our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. That way you can concentrate where you need to, on creating and building your site and applications. You’ll get prompt admittance to your nginx Hosting account because of moment actuation.

With our Anytime Money Back Guarantee, you can join now and attempt us totally hazard free. You will love it and you’re going to adore our administration!

An other definition of nginx?

nginx nginx is an elite Proxy and HTTP web worker. nginx’s improved presentation benefits are gotten from its utilization of nonconcurrent occasion driven design instead of a strung model. This, notwithstanding high simultaneousness, makes it workable for nginx to deal with demands with a negligible memory impression. This makes nginx an incredible web worker answer for both enormous and modest quantities of traffic. nginx is an experienced and completely reported arrangement making it simple for you to alter your design to your necessities. Designers likewise use nginx as a converse intermediary worker for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP.

nginx has developed to where it presently controls over half of the web’s busiest destinations! Trust nginx with the development and execution of your own site!

nginx Features

nginx is stacked with highlights, huge numbers of which are intended to assist you with getting the most ideal worker execution. Here are a portion of those highlights:

Capacity to deal with proficiently handle simultaneous associations while keep up a low impression for memory

Capacity to deal with auto-ordering, file documents and static records

Switch intermediary (recovers content from one additional workers) through reserving

Ready to divert and change URLs

Supports FastCGI, uWSGI and SCGI through storing

Backing for OCSP stapling and TLS/SSL with SNI through OpenSSL

gRPC uphold

IP-based and name-based virtual workers

WebSocket uphold

Why Use Nginx?

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While Apache utilizes a cycle situated methodology for taking care of solicitations, Nginx utilizes an occasion driven methodology.

This makes it more versatile, and more ready to deal with high loads or spikes.

Utilizing Nginx, the University of Texas at Austin can convey a normal reaction season of 200ms per application. They are as of now utilizing Nginx for load adjusting, reserving, and application conveyance.

Designers use Nginx on the grounds that it’s simple on assets, making it less unstable in a web hosting condition.

There are working instances of Nginx effectively taking care of countless demands each day.

It can deal with in excess of 10,000 concurrent solicitations without expending a lot of worker RAM. A compromise is a diminished number of highlights.


nginx Advantages

Plainly there are various highlights and speed focal points accessible to nginx clients. Here are some extra nginx favorable circumstances.

nginx has gone far toward making equipment load balancers old. nginx is more moderate and simpler to tweak than an equipment load balancer.

nginx is multi-utilitarian and helpful, permitting you to decrease the measure of instruments you should control your website. nginx can be utilized as your heap balancer, switch intermediary, web worker and reserving arrangement.

Do you have any nginx questions? In addition to the fact that you get nginx Hosting support from A2 Hosting, yet you likewise get a wide scope of help arrangements including instructional exercises, webinars and very much supplied documentation to help you en route.

nginx is continually advancing to guarantee you get the best, and quickest arrangements.

nginx History

Russian programming engineer Igor Sysoev was looking for an answer for the C10k issue. This issue was an aftereffect of systems not having the option to deal with countless customers at the same time. This was generally a consequence of attempting to fill the necessities of Russian web crawler Rambler, which was serving a half billion demands every day (starting at 2008). That is the reason he started improvement of nginx in 2002. It was delivered to general society in October of 2004. The organization is situated in San Francisco, while being lawfully fused inside the British Virgin Islands.

In July of 2011, Sysoev and programming engineer Maxim Konovalov propelled nginx Inc. A couple of months after the fact in October, nginx, Inc brought $3 million up in adventure reserves.

In February 2012, nginx propelled business uphold for organizations utilizing nginx. Paid nginx Plus (highlighting a heap balancer, web worker, meeting ingenuity, setups through API and wellbeing checks based on head of nginx) memberships opened up in August 2013. The accessible help incorporates notices about enormous nginx changes, nginx updates and security patches.


Clients of NGINX

Most of Nginx clients are taking a shot at the world’s top websites, including Wikipedia, Netflix, Dropbox, Groupon, and

Nginx versus Apache

Apache Nginx

Made in 1995 2002

Made by Robert McCool Igor Sysoev

Claimed by Apache Software Foundation Nginx

Licensing Open Source Open Source

Why Choose Nginx?

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Make the switch to and save 20% Off Hosting Packages coupon code: 20-OFF – shop now!

For all intents and purposes each web host on the planet offers the Apache web worker, so Nginx may appear to be an intriguing decision for a website proprietor.

In any case, there are various motivations to pick Nginx over Apache while choosing your new web host:

Nginx will likely scale up more productively than Apache

At the point when Apache gets over-burden, it runs out of RAM and starts utilizing swapfiles, easing back everything down. You won’t get that log jam with Nginx

Apache rejects demands when it begins to battle

Nginx is customized for making virtual private workers (VPS) run quicker

Engineers from Groupon, Zendesk, Distil Networks, and different organizations share why they picked Nginx. Components refered to incorporate extensibility, speed, capacity to scale, and flexibility.

Why Choose Apache?

There are likewise some substantial motivations to stay with Apache:

The LAMP stack is nearly industry standard among ease web hosts

There’s loads of help and help accessible

PHP, Python and Perl uphold is incorporated with Apache, so it’s a lot simpler to begin with coding

Ruby runs quicker in Apache

Apache has an immense number of modules accessible to expand it, so it’s viable with unmistakably more outsider advancements

Nginx doesn’t uphold .htaccess

Utilizing Both NGINX and Apache

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Transfer your Website & Domain today to! Save 20% Off coupon code: 20-OFF + Free Domain with Annual Plan purchase!
Numerous clients decide to outdo the two universes. They go through Apache to serve web pages while setting Nginx before it as an intermediary worker.

This gets around a considerable lot of the issues with Apache while profiting by the best of Nginx.

Nginx Server Requirements

Nginx runs on Linux, BSD, OS X and an assortment of other working frameworks.

Notwithstanding, you’ll once in a while observe it offered on a shared hosting plan since clients need to collaborate with Nginx straightforwardly for it to work.

On a shared worker, this would mean allowing admittance to everybody, which would plainly be a security hazard.

Backing for NGINX

Accepting you discover a host that offers Nginx, your subsequent stage is to see whether it’s offered from the very beginning.

Most of hosts will leave you to introduce it on your VPS or devoted worker without anyone else.

While you can run applications like WordPress on Nginx, this sort of thing isn’t all around upheld, and you may be giving yourself more difficult work than you need.

nginx uphold

The 2 Types of Nginx Hosts You’ll Find: Which One is Right for You?

Nginx is really mainstream, however Apache is as yet the prevailing innovation utilized on web workers.

Nginx and cPanel

An integral explanation behind that is cPanel, the most well known control board that web hosts offer.

Lamentably, cPanel doesn’t offer local Nginx uphold.

There are some modules like Engintron that can be utilized to coordinate Nginx with cPanel, yet none are overwhelmingly mainstream.

Most hosts just don’t offer Nginx backing of any sort.

What do I Need to Know About Nginx Hosting Support?

Of the hosts that do uphold Nginx, it’s normally obviously expressed on their “plan” pages. At the point when you buy these plans, they work simply like some other hosting plan you’ve at any point utilized.

Most web hosts will deal with Nginx design and arrangement for you without you busy.

What is the Ideal Nginx Setup?

Probably the best hosts use Apache as a web worker, and afterward Nginx as an intermediary worker, so as to amplify in general worker execution.

That is the ideal kind of Nginx hosting to search for.

This will spare you from investing an excess of energy in your hosting, and advantage in the event that you don’t have the pertinent specialized information.


Nginx and Unmanaged Hosting

The second kind of Nginx hosting is “unmanaged” hosting.

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High Speed Web Hosting made Easy & Affordable with – Save 20% today with coupon code: 20-OFF!

Numerous hosts let you buy a virtual private worker (VPS), or devoted worker, and give you root admittance to it.

Regularly, your worker will accompany Apache introduced, however since you have root worker access, you can introduce whatever you’d like, including Nginx.

This gives you a great deal of opportunity; you can even segment your Nginx administration into a Nginx virtual host so as to host various spaces on your worker.

Having total worker control makes this a decent choice when you’re attempting to host a mind boggling site with special necessities.

Nginx Drawbacks

The enormous drawback is that you are typically liable for getting everything to work, and to keep it shielded from security dangers.

Regardless of whether you’re a prepared designer, this can be an agony and a great deal of additional work.

You set aside a touch of cash from the arrangement cost, yet in the wake of representing your time, it’ll as a rule work out to a comparable generally cost.

Clear Support or Indirect Support?

For comfort, I prescribe attempting to discover a web host that as of now supports and offers Nginx.

In any case, in the event that you can’t discover one that meets all your webpage prerequisites, discover a web host that will give you root worker access on a VPS or devoted worker plan.

Nginx Use: Shared Hosting, VPS, or Dedicated?

I’ll make this examination as basic as could be expected under the circumstances.

Shared Hosting and Nginx

The explanation I didn’t specify shared hosting in the area above is that Nginx probably won’t have a huge effect at that level.

Shared hosting plans are intended for locales with low traffic, which isn’t ideal for seeing greatest profit by Nginx.

Also, worker type isn’t normally the restricting component in speed on shared plans.

VPS/Dedicated Hosting and Nginx

You can see huge execution enhancements for either VPS or committed plans.

Most hosts don’t legitimately uphold Nginx on committed workers; they normally leave you to deal with all that without anyone else.

The vast majority of the hosting plans that help Nginx straightforwardly will be VPS hosting.

When you really need Nginx, you ought to have a smart thought of the worker assets your site(s) need, which should assist you with choosing if a VPS is adequate (less expensive), or in the event that you’ll have to get a committed worker.

What are the Pros and Cons of Nginx?

So what are the drawbacks of Nginx close by its fruity highlights? Uncover in and find.

Nginx Pros

Speed – Nginx serves static substance about 2.5 occasions quicker than Apache. That is a major speed distinction.

Scales superior to Apache – Nginx handles high traffic superior to Apache, another explanation that it’s quicker.

Requires less assets – Because of the way Nginx works, it requires less memory, which can assist you with saving money on hosting costs.

Cons of Nginx

Restricted alternatives – Not numerous hosts offer Nginx uphold, so you have less designs to look over.

More vulnerable network – Apache has an enormous network and huge amounts of modules that make it simple to get backing to do pretty much anything.

Can be more terrible at serving dynamic substance – Nginx utilizes outsider programming to deal with dynamic substance demands. Now and again, it can perform more terrible than Apache.

Best nginx hosts

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My Choices: The Top Three Nginx Hosts

In case you’re in the market for NGINX hosts, look at my top picks:

On the off chance that I needed to suggest a solitary host for Nginx hosting an overall site, I would pick SiteGround.

Nginx is incorporated with all their shared hosting and cloud plans.

It’s excluded from the devoted worker bundles naturally, yet you can pick to buy execution supporters that will empower Nginx on your worker.

SiteGround is notable for their SuperCacher, a specially assembled cacher for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

The cacher depends on Nginx switch intermediary and lets you store static substance, and furthermore unique substance.

Speed and Pricing

It speeds up your site in a couple of various significant ways.

Since you’re presumably intrigued by speed in case you’re keen on Nginx hosting, you’ll likewise like having the option to look over hosting your site on any of the various workers that SiteGround has far and wide.

SiteGround has sensible evaluating and the most recent innovation that you’ll discover in a host.

To really sweeten the deal, all plans, even the shared hosting plans, accompanies a free SSL authentication (or more) through Let’s Encrypt.

On the off chance that you are a web engineer or try to be one, Digital Ocean could be an incredible Nginx host for you.

Computerized Ocean is worked for engineers, so don’t expect a similar degree of hand-holding with regards to help.

You are required to make sense of things for yourself.

That sounds awful from the outset, however in return, you get full root admittance to your cloud worker, and extraordinary valuing that you can scale up or down contingent upon your asset prerequisites.

The full root access permits you to introduce either Apache or Nginx; it’s up to you.

Backing and Configuration

You’ll need to move your site’s documents onto your Digital Ocean bead (worker), introduce Nginx, and alter your Nginx setup record to work effectively.

The other huge quality of Digital Ocean is that while there’s no much in the method of direct help like live talk, their documentation aides and network are unrivaled.

For example, there are different definite bit by bit manages that walk you through the way toward introducing and designing a Nginx web worker.

In case you’re new to creating, hope to invest a great deal of energy in the Nginx mistake log, and to restart Nginx regularly.

It’ll be baffling from the start, however with a little tirelessness and the incredible aides, you should discover accomplishment on Digital Ocean.


The most effective method to Configure Nginx to serve Multiple Websites on a Single VPS

Last refreshed: August 23rd 2020



Become a creator

Various Website Series

The most effective method to Configure Apache to serve Multiple Websites on a Single VPS

The most effective method to give Let’s Encrypt declarations for numerous websites (Nginx and Apache)


This article subtleties how to design Virtual Hosting for Nginx. In the event that you are searching for a guide for Apache, click here.

There are a few reasons you might need to host different websites on a solitary worker. In the event that you are utilizing a devoted worker/VPS and need to host various applications on a different space and a solitary worker then you should host numerous websites on a solitary worker. You can accomplish this with Apache/Nginx virtual hosting. Virtual hosting permits you to utilize a solitary VPS to host every one of your areas. So hosting numerous websites on a solitary VPS worker utilizing Virtual hosting is the best answer for you to diminish the hosting cost.

There is, in principle, no restriction to the quantity of locales that you can host on your VPS with Apache or Nginx. In any case, ensure that your worker has enough plate space, CPU and RAM.

In this instructional exercise, we will figure out how to set up different websites on a Ubuntu VPS with Nginx.

Webdock doesn’t suggest you utilize our workers for shared hosting as it can cause a scope of issues and prevents you from utilizing a portion of our administration instruments, in particular our simple Let’s Encrypt/Certbot the board for SSL Certificates and WordPress the executives. Snap here to peruse why we figure you should utilize a solitary VPS for every website/application.

If it’s not too much trouble note: Doing these activities may cut down your worker. Try not to do this on a live site without knowing the likely outcomes.

Essentials Nginx web server

A new Webdock cloud Ubuntu occurrence with LEMP introduced.

Two legitimate area names are pointed with your VPS IP address. In this instructional exercise, we will utilize and

You have shell (SSH) admittance to your VPS.

Note : You can allude the Webdock DNS Guide to deal with the DNS records.

Design Nginx to Host Multiple Websites

In this area, we will tell you the best way to host two websites named and on a solitary Ubuntu VPS with Nginx webserver.